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Welcome to Excellent Appraisers, where we help you find the best appraiser for the job. With 10 years experience in the appraisal industry, we understand the important role appraisers have. Matching the right appraiser to a specific subject property can be a difficult task. Our focus with this site is to find an appraiser who is both familiar with the location of your subject property and qualified for your precise job.

Certain property types and loan requets can impose licensing requirements. It can sometimes be difficult to decipher which appraisers are right for the job. Our search engine, however, removes the guesswork and unnecessary phone calls. You simply select what you need, and we will find the firms with the proper credentials.

Reputable appraisers are vital to the real estate industry. That' s why we have a highlighted area on the results page which lists appraisers belonging to professional organizations such as the Appraisal Institute. A membership ensures that they have met additional requirements and are actively involved in their profession.

Our goal is to help you with your appraiser search. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions so that we may improve your appraisal seeking experience. We hope you view this site as an important and usable resource when looking for excellent appraisers.
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Excellent Appraisers helps you find the best appraiser for the job. With 10 years experience in the appraisal industry, we understand the important relationship between lenders and appraisers. Matching the right appraiser to a specific subject property can be a difficult task. Our focus with this site is to find an appraiser who is both familiar with the location of your subject property and qualified for your precise job. 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